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Unique education program delivers talented actors in amusement parks

I believe in stimulating entertainment talents and giving them a chance to develop and grow. The Aniba Academy originated from the ambition to give talent a stage, to setting the next step in their career and especially to offer them a lot of pleasure in this super exciting field of work.

Marjolein van de Stolpe – Aniba

That’s how Creative College and Aniba found each other. The Creative College has the Academy for Theater Performance. “At the academy we train students to become physically strong actors who, among other things, can enter the entertainment market after their studies,” explains curriculum leader Richard Molenschot. ”I went to watch one of the Aniba’s shows and was surprised by the quality of the entertainment.”

We saw opportunities for a perfect match with the professional field. “The Aniba Academy comes from Aniba Productions. Aniba Productions specializes in entertainment for theme parks. Based on the enthusiasm that followed, Aniba and Creative College decided to work together. Van de Stolpe: “This created a unique fusion of theory and practice. With this collaboration, we are the first in this industry. “

Lessons about storylines, scripts and auditions

From the end of August, students will receive lessons about storylines and scripts, costumes, sets, make-up, auditions, target groups, the leisure landscape and the basics of theater technique. Van de Stolpe: “The students also get a practical assignment, the implementation of a Family Game Show.” In addition, they can follow an internship at one of the amusement parks via Aniba. Van de Stolpe: “We have contracts with theme parks where students can put their acquired theoretical knowledge into practice at shows. Under the direction of the directors and a permanent internship supervisor, we can offer a solid basis for allowing the talents to flourish.”

  • Teachers straight from the industry
  • Practice-related assignments such as audition training
  • A combination of theoretical lessons and a practical internship
  • Possibility of an International internship in renowned amusement parks

An International follow-up?

Finally: there is a possibility that this course will receive an International follow-up. Van de Stolpe: “The members of the worldwide International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions follow this initiative with extraordinary interest. I am therefore proud that together with ROC Midden Nederland we will promote this unique course both nationally and Internationally in the event industry. ”

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